automated partner

Cube Technologies is an international industrial solution provider, to a diverse range of clients from all manufacturing sectors. With office in South Africa we provide technology-based solutions to clients, who continue to deal with a team of handpicked experts, who are responsible for turnkey index picsolutions. Cube Technologies is YOUR partner in "Totally Integrated Automation." (TIA)

Cube Technologies is a Solution Provider. Feasibility Studies, operations and application specific consultancy services are offered to existing and prospective clients. The focus of this service is to produce an operations-oriented feasibility study, that extends into a technical specification. Such a study includes the Conceptual Plan, Operations System Design, Detailed Technical Design and Benefit/ Risk Analysis, and Software.

The software development and configuration service focuses on solutions that ensure full compliance with management and operational requirements, to ensure the effective and efficient operation of a plant, from order entry, through the manufacturing process, to client delivery.

Customer Training and Support
A dedicated training centre has been established, offering industry-accredited training for up to eight trainees. Several hardware and software maintenance contracts are currently in existence. New contracts are tailored to specific customer requirements.

Project Management and Quality
Project execution activities include continuous project assessments, using methods such as Schedule and Cost Performance indices, as well as internal and client progress evaluations and reports.

Industrial Information Systems
A tailored enterprise solution will share information in such a manner, that operational processes and executive decisions are streamlined through availability of the correct information, to the correct sub-system, at the right time with no manual intervention.